Sunday, May 3, 2015

At 63 I am starting a new career. Producing an erotic series.

I'mmmm  back and hope you will be glad!

Well, it has been more than five years since a fire destroyed my Bed & Breakfast, my bar, Le Coin Perdu and, basically, my life. The house has not yet been reconstructed which is another very long, and, sometimes funny story.  So I will cut to the chase as to where I am now. I am now producing erotic films.  Hmmm, how did I get into that?

I admit it.  I watched adult films, most often with Laurent - my on and off again French much younger boyfriend.  And, frankly, most of what we watched was disgusting!! After trying to find good ones on the Web I only found the disgusting ones and, in addition, I was getting all sorts of weird things appearing on my computer, I gave it up.  Told Laurent I could do better.

I did research.  And developed our philosophy.
"Why should I be ashamed to describe what Nature was not ashamed to create"
Pietro Ayento 16th century

Throughout the ages the physical and emotional art of love or sex has been a driving force in human relations since the beginning of mankind and erotica has always played a major part.
After Midnite Bedtime Stories continues with historical and modern scenarios ; highly stimulating erotica in emotionally realistic situations.
Whether wildromantic or traditional After Midnite Bedtime Stories will help couples to
explore fantasies in complete discretion
…spark the fading light in a relationship
learn how erotica has inspired us since the time of Adam & Eve.

In future blogs I will be talking about our upcoming series which we will be producing in July - in my empty house where we will building our set.  The costumes I am working on.  Yes, in our film there will be clothing!!  The problems and triumphs, so stay tuned.  My life has certainly changed!!

Kristi Anderson is the orignal owner of Tea and Tattered Pages and until February 6, 2010 ran a bed and breakfast near Orléans. kristi anderson le saint jacques le coin perdu 15, place de l'église 45240 Ligny le Ribault