Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sushi and her new friends

Now while the washing machine doesn't work--it shoots out water from the seams! And the electric stove/oven is erratic at best, just 25 little, tiny meters --I think about 60 feet is this...

and this...

So I don't complain that much when I have to take Sushi on her walks--and, yes, I also carry a doggy bag.

But guess who loves it, whines at the door, and wags her tail like I haven't seen since the fire. YES  Sushi!

First because there is water. Where there is water there are


and who spots Sushi?
Who spots the ducks?

I am just sorry I couldn't get them together in one photo it was pretty funny.  The ducks just didn't give a hoot about Sushi and I.  So we went on our merry way.

Kristi Anderson is the orignal owner of Tea and Tattered Pages and until February 6, 2010 ran a bed and breakfast near Orléans.
kristi anderson
le saint jacques le coin perdu
15, place de l'église
45240 Ligny le Ribault

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  1. Hi Kristi...

    I wanted to get in touch with you as we're in the Loire Valley now at Cheverny... We're going to see Walt and Ken on Sat. in the daytime and go over to their place for a visit- late morning... Not sure what you are doing... but is it easy for you to get over to where they are from where you are? Maybe we can all meet together.. we're just going to sit out in the garden and have light snacks... Does that work for you-- around noonish? I can't send email from here... are you on FB? You can send me an email with your phone number, b/c I didn't bring my computer that had your phone number..
    Let me know ... Now we're going to visit the chateaux. It would be great to meet you and I don't know if you have already met Walt and Ken before.. Just let me know if it works for you! Take care, Leesa